Looking back

A visit to the Children’s Zoo at the Bronx Zoo is a cherished memory for millions of New Yorkers. The original exhibit opened in 1941 with a nursery-rhyme theme. It was designed to bring children into direct contact with animals, an innovative idea in its day. In 1981, a new Children’s Zoo opened in the location we know and love today, inspiring our youngest guests as participants, rather than observers, in their natural environment. It was an instant success–welcoming almost 250,000 visitors in just its first two months!

Creating New Memories

Today, we continue to re-invent the Children’s Zoo to inspire the next generation of conservationists. The three-acre space will retain visitor favorites, while creating new ones with refreshed learning experiences, new animals to meet, innovative play experiences, and whimsical art by New York’s own Brendan Wenzel. It is our aim to promote a lifetime love of wildlife and nature.